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Kikusui’s webinar: Electrical Safety-Tests and Partial Discharge Webinar

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We take electrical product safety for granted, but electrical products should never be dangerous or cause damage. Additionally, they must protect consumers from electric shock, fire, injury, and explosion.
In this webinar, we’ll explain in detail about safety of electrical products, including the typical hazards of electric shock, standards and laws for safety, test methods for confirming electrical safety, and the basics of safety-related tests with examples of failures. We will also explain the partial discharge test, which can detect potential insulation defects that other tests can’t.

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  1. Electric shock, a typical risk factor

  2. Safety standards and laws

  3. Test methods for confirming electrical safety

  4. Partial discharge test

  5. Failure cases related to safety-related tests

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  • Japan: Thursday, August 19, 2021  16:00-16:40 local time

  • The United States of America(USA): Wednesday, August 18, 2021  23:00-23:40 Pacific Standard Time

  • United Kingdom(UK): Thursday, August 19, 2021  8:00-8:40 local time

  • Singapore: Thursday, August 19, 2021  15:00-15:40 local time


On-line (Use Zoom)
*You can participate via your own smartphone or PC

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100 people

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021  23:00 Japan time

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