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Dealing with Increases in Lead-Time Caused by New Fault-Testing Equipment.
Intuitive, all-in-one solution has minimal impact on lead-time.

The Solution

Key Aspects of the Solution

  • Kikusui Electronics’ TOS9300 series of all-in-one testers reduced the complexity of preparing and conducting tests.

  • The TOS9300 series displays circuit diagrams, along with information on tests and settings on a large, color LCD display for easy use and readability.

  • In addition to insulation resistance and voltage withstand tests, the TOS9300 series can also perform partial discharge tests concurrently, thereby minimizing the effect on lead-time.

All-in-one solution enabled the manufacturer to successfully minimize the impact on lead-time and improve yield.

At his wits’ end, the employee remembered Kikusui Electronics, with whom he had discussed electronic loads in the past. He made enquiries with a Kikusui representative. A few days later, the representative told him about the TOS9300 series of multi-function analyzers for performing electrical conformity assessment.

“The TOS9300 is a series of multi-function analyzers for electrical conformity assessment that can perform multiple electrical safety tests on electronic devices and components with a single unit. It’s the perfect solution for quality assurance testing, which is crucial for electrical safety,” explains the employee.

In particular, the recently released TOS9301PD packs all-in-one functionality into a single unit, with its ability to perform not only insulation resistance and voltage withstand tests but also partial discharge tests. Also, unlike many other testers that will only display the parameters that have been input, the TOS9301PD displays circuit diagrams and the status of testing and configuration on a large, color LCD display mounted on the front panel, greatly improving ease of viewing and operability.

The quality assurance team immediately set about borrowing a demo model of the TOS9301PD, which they used to perform partial discharge and other tests. They found that with this unit, even novice operators could easily perform partial discharge tests, with no need to set up equipment or connect a power supply. In addition to insulation resistance and voltage withstand tests, the unit could also run partial discharge tests concurrently, and its ease of use surpassed expectations. The team’s evaluation of the TOS9301PD established that the unit successfully minimized effects on lead-time. The TOS9301PD enabled them to discover potential issues caused by voids and other such faults before they arose, and they could see that it would also improve yield, which had deteriorated as a result of frequent insulation failures.

After deliberation, the manufacturer’s quality assurance division decided to deploy the TOS9301PD, which is now helping them to uncover potential faults.

Find out what a Kikusui Compact Electrical Safety Analyzer TOS9300 Series can do for your company