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Rethinking Inefficient Testing Power Supplies.
We’ll look at an energy-efficient power supply that delivered a 15% reduction in factory CO2 emissions.

The Solution

Key Aspects of the Solution

  • The PCR-WE series of AC power supplies has a sleep function that shuts the device down after a specified period of zero output.

  • The PCR-WE series allows the operation of only the necessary power units in accordance with the size of the load.

  • Internal regeneration technology enables the PCR-WE series to reuse 100% of reverse power flow, rather than discharging it.
    (Internal regeneration is only supported on 200 V input models with a model number ending in ‘R’.)

Comprehensive Power-Saving Functions Enable Operators to Hit Power-Saving Targets.

The manufacturing division was troubled by the demands from management to reduce power consumption. The manager contacted Kikusui Electronics, which supplied the client with electronic loads, and asked about power supply solutions. The Kikusui representative asked in detail about the issues the client was experiencing before telling the manager about the highly efficient high-capacity PCR-WE range of AC power supplies.

“I initially focused on the PCR-WE’s comprehensive power-saving features. The sleep function turns the device off after a specified period of zero output, and it is also possible to only operate the power units necessary to power the load in question. These devices also use internal regeneration technology to reuse 100% of reverse power flow, rather than dissipating it as heat. The more I heard about its range, the more the prospect of meeting management’s demands seemed realistic,” says the manager.

“The product series also included a wide range of models, with outputs between 500 VA and 36 kVA, allowing a variety of options to suit a diverse range of applications. The Kikusui representative informed the me that many leading factories around the world have switched to the PCR-WE series to reduce their environmental impact.”

Factory CO2 Emissions were Slashed by 15%.

Satisfied with the proposal, the client’s manufacturing division immediately set about evaluating a demo model and verifying its features. After internal evaluation, it was agreed that the existing power supplies for EUTs would be replaced by models from the PCR-WE series.

“After we switched to the PCR-WE series, the benefits of our power savings gradually manifested themselves. The PCR-WE also appears to have contributed to improving process efficiency, as the factory staff who operate the new power supplies say they is easier to use,” says the manager.

When the client took measurements one month after switching to the PCR-WE series, they found that the factory’s overall carbon dioxide emissions had decreased by 15%, therefore hitting its energy saving target. The client is now aiming to achieve even greater energy savings with the PCR-WE series.

Find out what a Kikusui Ultra-Compact AC/DC Power Supply PCR-WE/WE2 Series can do for your company