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Electric Motor Manufacture (QM Power)Product Development

Motor Manufacturer Needed High-Performance Power Supply for EV Applications.
Kikusui’s compact, high-capacity, variable-frequency power supply to the rescue!

The Solution

Key Aspects of the Solution

  • Kikusui’s PCR-WE2 series of power supplies provide high-quality direct and alternating current for highly accurate testing.

  • The PCR-WE2 series is compact yet boasts high capacity. The power supplies are also easily expandable to accommodate growing test facilities.

  • Even when performing stringent testing that requires the programming of complex waveforms, the user can intuitively control voltage and frequency using the PCR-WE2’s front panel.

Intuitive Voltage and Frequency Control, Impressive Performance Allows Manufacturers to Ramp Up Testing Straight Away

While researching the matter, the team leader hit upon a website for Kikusui Electronics’ high-spec PCR-WE2 series power supplies. Interested in the advertised specifications, he immediately contacted Kikusui, and decided to learn more about the range. The Kikusui sales rep who visited QM Power’s offices vouched for the PCR-WE2’s reliability, ease of control, and ability to perform sophisticated testing.

“To understand the features of the PCR-WE2, I first decided to loan a demo model of the PCR3000 WE2. I was first struck by the fact that it offered a surprisingly high capacity for such a compact power supply. The PCR3000WE2 lets you use the front panel to perform preliminary testing on the benchtop, so it’s easy to start testing. As soon as I started using the power supply, I could see that it would offer advantages when testing new motors. Access to a reliable power supply enables you to cut down significantly on superfluous tasks, enabling accurate, efficient, and speedy testing.”

Because the PCR-WE2 allows engineers to intuitively control both voltage and frequency, initial testing progressed quickly. When testing DC motors, the power supply is also able to emulate the voltage supplied by the motor controller, therefore making it an ideal solution for QM Power.

Satisfied that the PCR-WE2 offered ample performance, the team then tested the power supply’s other features. Finally, after discussion, they agreed to install a power supply from the PCR-WE2 range.

“We have ordered the PCR12000WE2 for now. In the future, we are thinking about installing additional units to cover non-three-phase, multiphase applications. The flexibility of the PCR-WE2 means we can easily adapt to the changes of a new testing facility; this is a major advantage for us. We also liked the way that total harmonic distortion and other electrical properties can be programmed easily.”

The reliable testing afforded by the PCR-WE2 will ensure that QM Power continues to be a leading developer of next-generation motors.

Find out what a Kikusui Ultra-Compact AC/DC Power Supply PCR-WE/WE2 Series can do for your company