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Manufacturer required load that would enable stringent load variation testing of point of load converters.

The Solution

Key Aspects of the Solution

  • The manufacturer found a replacement load with sufficient specifications to be used in development of POL converters.

  • The load had a minimum operating voltage of 0.05 V and a maximum slew rate of 60 A/μs.

  • The load also had multichannel functionality, enabling multiple converters to be run simultaneously.

  • It came with software that allowed test sequences and patterns to be created intuitively.

The PLZ-5W: an electronic load that can handle low-voltage, high-current applications as well as drastic load fluctuations.

It was when the team leader was researching electronic loads that Kikusui’s PLZ-5W series caught his eye. He reviewed the details of the specifications.

“The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that the PLZ-5W can be used with voltages as low as 0.05 V. I felt that the model’s maximum slew rate of 60 A/μs would be ample for performing the low voltage, extreme variation testing required in POL development.”

The team leader set about contacting Kikusui. The sales rep who answered his inquiry went over the features of the PLZ-5W series in detail.

“I ascertained that the PLZ-5W allowed multiple devices to be connected simultaneously to separate channels and could readily emulate applications where multiple POL converters power a single FPGA, making it an appropriate solution for our needs. I also liked the fact that it came in 200, 400, and 1200-watt variants.”

Switching to the PLZ-5W made development more efficient.

The Kikusui salesperson also explained to the team leader that in order to achieve high slew rates, he would need to consider the effects of the impedance of the wiring. The salesperson recommended a low inductance cable for this purpose. Interested in the PLZ-5W’s features and specifications, the team leader borrowed a demo model, which he used to test several POL modules with the design team.

“The load performed well in testing, and it was clear that it would be more than sufficient for our purposes. We also felt that we would be able to achieve significant efficiency gains by using the Wavy for PLZ-5W software package for creating sequences and patterns. The team liked the way Wavy, which is very intuitive to use, even for those who know nothing about programming languages, made it easy to create and edit tests.”

After a review, the manufacturer decided to buy the PLZ-5W, initially procuring three units. The PLZ-5W has enabled them to speed up their development process.

Find out what a Kikusui PLZ-5W multifunction DC electronic load can do for your company