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Insufficient Electronic Load Capacity Means High-Voltage Components Can’t be Tested.
The Mission to Find an Efficient, High-Capacity Solution.

The Solution

Key Aspects of the Solution

  • Testing now possible at up to 1,000V.

  • Power density increased by over three times, saving space.

  • Automatic series mode makes testing quicker and hassle free.

  • Comprehensive range allows a high degree of flexibility.

1,000V capacity and over three times the power density in a compact unit.

A major development in the QA head’s search for a solution was information he received from one of his company’s affiliates on Kikusui’s new PLZ-5WH2 series of electronic loads.

“Initially, the 1,000 volt rating caught my eyes. This represented a significant increase from the model we were using at the time (which only went up to 650 volts), and would be ample for our high-voltage testing requirements.”

His interest piqued, he then looked over the specifications.

“The first time I saw one of the units for myself, I was impressed by its compact size and high power to capacity ratio. It also represented a threefold improvement in power density, so I believed we would be able to make significant space savings.”

He was also interested in the ease with which capacity could be increased:
“The Kikusui range comprises 1, 2, 4, 12 and 20 kilowatt models, all of which can be connected in series in any desired combination, up to a maximum of 100 kilowatts or 2,000 amps. The units can be configured in various permutations to emulate a range of loads. When connected together, the units automatically switch into series mode, thereby eliminating the need to perform manual configuration. They also have a datalogging function that allows split second troubleshooting, which I felt would greatly increase efficiency.”

Ability to test 800V parts greatly increases efficiency.

The head of QA promptly set about renting a trial unit, which was used to test a variety of components.

“We were able to test high voltage components that we could not have tested on our existing equipment, without any problems. The engineers who used the 5WH2 rated it highly and believed it would help them to work more efficiently.”

The manufacturer presently decided to replace its electronic loads with the PLZ-5WH2 series. The company continues to strive to save time and create efficiencies.

Find out what a Kikusui High voltage large capacity DC electronic load device PLZ-5WH2 Series can do for your company