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A battery manufacturer wanted an efficient solution for measuring the impedance of electric vehicle batteries.
We look at a state of the art device that is able to test both batteries and individual cells.

The Solution

Key Aspects of the Solution

  • The manufacturer had an impedance meter built that worked at voltage up to 1,000V.

  • The meter works at low voltage as well, meaning that both batteries and individual cells can be tested by using a single meter.

To the rescue: a bespoke, 1,000V impedance meter.

Mr. W decided to talk to Kikusui, with which manufacturer K did business. While Kikusui did not produce a suitable impedance meter either, it agreed to build one.

“All the divisions here that use Kikusui’s hi-pot tester, regulated power supplies and electronic load find them to be very accurate, so we have a lot of faith in Kikusui’s engineering and quality. We knew that if they agreed to build an impedance meter that could be used at 500 or 600 volts, it would be a good one.”─Mr. W

When the impedance meter arrived, Mr. W was surprised to find that it had a maximum voltage of 1,000V, significantly exceeding his expectations. Upon testing the meter, Mr. W found it to be very accurate. The meter was added to the production line straight away.

A single meter that can handle both cells and batteries.

Kikusui’s BIM1000 impedance meter has the advantage of being able to be used at not only high voltages but also at low voltage levels. Mr. W explains:

“Because this meter can handle anything from 1,000V to just a few volts, a single BIM1000 can be used to test individual 4V cells as well as entire batteries. It was a real advantage when designing the electric vehicle battery production line.”

In the end, Mr. W was able to create an efficient electric vehicle battery production line. When he shared his experience with his colleagues, many of the engineers showed an interest. Some of the manufacturer’s other divisions are now also discussing buying a BIM1000.

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