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Case StudyKMITLKing Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

Thailand Chooses Kikusui Products for Next-Generation Energy System and Leading-Edge Technology Project.
Kikusui is selected to supply a robust, high performance charge/discharge system that is trusted by engineers.

The Solution

Kikusui’s PCR2000M offered excellent operability and durability and a large range of software.

After doing some research, the team narrowed down their options to a few manufacturers. They then performed repeated evaluation of the demonstration models they had been loaned. Under evaluation, one model, the Kikusui PCR2000M, stood head and shoulders above the rest. The PCR2000M is extremely easy to operate, and was able to be operated with ease, even by employees who did not have a specialized background. The PCR2000M boasts an excellent interface and controls so intuitive that operators don’t even need to read the manual. What’s more, the model offers a large range of software, and an easy-to-understand English-language display. The team also loved the fact that the PCR2000M is extremely durable and will run for a long time without malfunctioning.

Kikusui equipment, the engineers’ undisputed favorite, was selected to test power supplies being developed for electric buses.

In 2015, KMITL opened a new building dedicated to smart grid research. Since then, the facility has focused on the research and development of electric vehicles and served as a hub for all manner of electric vehicle testing and evaluation. Around the same time, Dr. Sompob was entrusted by the Thai government with overseeing the development of electric buses at the facility and allocated a budget that allowed him to buy testing equipment. The highly important nature of the research meant that Dr. Sompob had to consider his choice of testing equipment carefully. After evaluating several different models, looking at not only performance but also at feedback obtained from researchers and engineers, Dr. Sompob selected equipment manufactured by Kikusui, which once again stood head and shoulders above the competition.

Dr. Sompob has high hopes, not only for the success of his current R&D project, but also that Kikusui equipment─used in R&D and manufacturing─will play a role in enabling Thailand to become a tech economy.

King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang