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Case StudyEEIElectrical and Electronics Institute Thailand

More Accurate and Efficient Testing Benefits Thai Consumers.
An accreditation body in Thailand was impressed by the performance of a line of testing equipment that sports a blue front panel and is used all over the world.

The Solution

After seeing a demonstration of Kikusui equipment, Mr. Witee was assured of its precision and reliable operation. The Kikusui equipment enabled testing to be performed efficiently too.

After making enquiries with several local testing equipment vendors, Mr. Witee finally found one that sold Kikusui equipment. He immediately had the vendor order in several pieces for the purpose of demonstration and evaluation. Mr. Witee found that the Kikusui equipment gave accurate measurements and was reliable both in terms of its operability and in all other respects. It was thus that TIS officially decided to replace its existing equipment with equipment from the Kikusui PCR4000W, PCR8000W and TOS series. Even after TIS was reformed into EEI, Mr. Witee continued to replace old equipment with Kikusui devices, deciding that in order to provide a high standard of evaluation, EEI needed to use Kikusui equipment.

It was around this time that TIS established its most important project, its state-of-the-art EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) laboratory. While the laboratory initially used European testing equipment, this could only handle one or two devices a day and frequently broke down. Concerned about the laboratory’s future, Mr. Witee decided to replace the European equipment with a Kikusui KHA3000. The move turned out to be a tremendous success, as the Kikusui device was able to test three or four appliances every day – double what its predecessor managed. Furthermore, the KHA3000 allowed pre-test configuration to be performed by a single employee, unlike the device it replaced which required three operators. This translated into a significant improvement in efficiency.

In future, Mr. Witee and the rest of the team at EEI intend to make even greater use of the KHA3000 and other equipment in the Kikusui range in order to make testing even more efficient, accurate, and reliable, so that Thai consumers can rest assured that the appliances they are buying are safe.

The Electrical and Electronics Institute

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