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Battery manufacturerDesign development dept

Wanted to simulate the discharge current of a device.
Charge/Discharge system controller that integrated complicated secondary battery evaluation system into one unit.

Rechargeable batteries play an important role in our lives, and many daily chores would be unthinkable without the batteries. The battery manufactures place the highest priority on quality and safety for their products. Engineers at the company U had been facing a daily challenge to enhance the battery quality through trial and error.

The Problem

Wanted to measure battery performance precisely by simulating performance of an electronic tool.

The company U manufactures batteries for electronic tools. The company received a report about the product quality from one of their business partners.

“There was a complaint about our battery quality from a user using the business partner’s electronic tool with our battery. He had to replace the battery with a new one frequently since battery deterioration was often observed. We found that the user left the tool in his car under the hot sun for long time. After the inspecting those batteries for the check, not only one battery that showed abnormal specification was found”, said Mr. B at Design Development dept. of the company.

Mr. B was ordered from the managements of the company to carry out sampling inspection before shipment and thorough testing of the products under development. In order to conduct the required tests, product test (battery cycle life test) and simulating high reproducible discharge current of the electronic tool are required. Mr. B realized the necessity of complicated system with various measurement devices. The company did not have the know-how and the necessary test equipment to achieve it. Mr. B began collecting information to seek a method of redressing the situation.

Key Aspects of the Problem

  • Demand on high accuracy battery cycle life test.

  • Wanted to simulate high reproducible discharge current of electronic tool.

  • Limited knowledge about configuring the system and a number of test equipment.

How was this problem solved?