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Electronic circuit manufacturing companyQuality assurance dept

Wanted to streamline multiple Inspection processes.
DC multi-output power supply suitable for inspection on electronic circuits.

Inspection plays a very important role in production process to prevent distributing the defectives to markets. The inspection processes for detecting nonconforming products must be performed at higher speeds without any loss in accuracy. The company D focuses on defect reduction, these pass/fail decisions are often the basis for determining project success.

The Problem

Wanted to streamline multiple inspection processes.

The company D wanted to reduce workload in inspection process for their products, and tried to find the way to promote streamlining inspection process in the assembly line.

Mr. A, the General Manager of the QA dept. of the company said, “Consolidation of product functions leads to increasing density of electronic components on PCBs.
The manufacturing process is a chain of separate but dependent assembly and testing processes, which together build our final product. Inspection process dominates the significant part in the line.
Production process is made up of a long chain of separate and probably complex activities. Quality problems will happen and although we are going to do everything possible to minimize them. Each discrete stage of the production flow should be tested before the product can move on to the next. Inspection equipment can be used for process control and should be installed at appropriate check points on the production line.
To meet demand for High-mix low-volume production manufacturing, it has been requested to apply lean manufacturing. And we had been facing an urgent need to solve the workload reduction in inspection process, due to the labor shortage.”

Mr. A was assigned by the managements for a prompt action to improve the inspection process. He carefully analyzed the inspection process for the bottlenecks to improve the throughput in the inspection. After searching for appropriate inspection equipment at the web site, Mr. A realized none of the equipment fitted his demands. He was at a loss without any ideas about specifically what to do.

Key Aspects of the Problem

  • Streamlining inspection process to realize high-mix low-volume production is required.

  • Wanted to reduce inspection time in production line.

  • Multiple inspection equipment take time for the setup.

How was this problem solved?