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Automotive component manufacturerResearch and development dept

Test environment conflict happens in a test environment where infrastructure is shared across several development teams.
Solution to improve the development environment and contribute to recruiting engineers.

Several major automakers have announced plans to add large numbers of electric cars along with Hybrids, Plug-in Hybrids and Electric Vehicle to their lineups. Company W had been accelerating speed of research and development to launch a new product with original technology aligned to the technology trend. The company W also planned to expand its research and development department to realize that.

The Problem

Improve development environment for recruiting and nurturing talented engineers.

Company W have been performing recruiting activities to attract talented candidates. Unfortunately, there’s been no progress on that since then. Candidates who are interested in our products and policy eventually decided to find other opportunities other than joining Company W. Mr. R at the R&D dept. wondered why this could happen, and reached a possible conclusion. Mr. R came up with test environment conflict that he experienced many times. Test environment conflict happens when more than one project needs to use same test instrument at the same time. It is a common cause of project delays and can be one of the main reasons why projects miss critical deadlines. Due to this, some engineers actually changed the job. Development department suffering from frequent test environment conflict gives engineers the same experience as being stuck in an airport during extreme delays. The occurrence of test environment conflicts can be reduced through the use of dedicated, persistent environments for individual projects. However, it would not be practical to install some large systems in their limited space.

Key Aspects of the Problem

  • Wanted to improve development environment to secure talented engineers.

  • Facing difficulty to introduce large system in limited space under the circumstance of sharing an AC power source among engineers.

How was this problem solved?