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Refrigerator manufacturing companyProduction department

Distortion of output waveform from AC source deteriorates production throughput.
The way to improve product quality and increase the production capacity.

Company J manufactures and sells refrigerators, and received a request to increase the production capacity from their business partner.
To meet the request, the company J evaluated their ability to increase the production. The company realized the production throughput decreased.

The Problem

Decreased production throughput was caused by unstable input power.

Mr. C at the Production Dept. asked project managers at the factory to provide him with an estimate of the typical production throughput on their production lines.

After analyzing the relevant data, Mr. C realized there was an issue on the production lines. The input voltage from wall sockets was very unreliable and had significant variations based on various factors like time of day, wiring impedance and load variations. Mr. C recalled that input voltage waveform of the refrigerator was too disturbed to collect the accurate data.

Lurking in the shadows of the operations is a condition known as poor voltage quality, a hidden cause that typically goes undetected. The voltage events can affect equipment performance in different ways.

Keeping finding compact AC sources to be built in production lines.

Mr. C carefully analyzed the production process for bottlenecks to improve the throughput in manufacturing, and decided to improve the poor voltage quality. After searching for appropriate AC sources at the web site, Mr. C realized none of the AC source fitted his demands, it was too big to be installed in the production line.

Key Aspects of the Problem

  • Poor voltage quality deteriorates production throughput.

  • Keeping finding compact AC sources to be installed in a limited space.

How was this problem solved?