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Server manufacturingQuality development dept

High voltage DC power supply supporting sequence function and power supply variation test is required.
How to configure development environment to perform the accurate test effectively.

Higher voltage DC power supply technology improves the supply of power to Information and Communications Technology equipment and contributes to energy savings in the system, including air conditioning. For these reasons, datacenters have begun using DC power for their servers, where AC power supply has been the standard.

The Problem

Required tests cannot be conducted due to the lack of high voltage DC power supplies supporting power supply variation test.

In order to demonstrate reliability and compliance with standard requirements, we used to perform various tests like power supply variation test by using AC sources. To conduct the tests on our developing servers, it is requested to perform the tests with DC power supplies.

Even though we noticed that high voltage DC power supplies capable of outputting 380V are necessary, company B did not have such high voltage DC power supplies supporting various compliance tests like power supply variation test.

So, company B had no choice but to use some slow response DC power supplies that were not suitable for the test purpose.

Mr. S at Quality Development Dept. said, “We could not conduct the power supply variation test correctly. The DC power supply the company B used had no sequence function, and it was difficult to realize the variation patterns requested by the compliance tests. Consequently, it caused deterioration in quality of the products, and we missed some development deadlines.”

Mr. S was seriously concerned about the present situation that the company B had been facing and tried to find the solution in vain.

Key Aspects of the Problem

  • Wanted to perform power supply variation test in DC high voltage.

  • It was not possible to conduct the requested tests without enough response speed of DC power supply and the sequence function.

How was this problem solved?