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Automotive electronic component manufacturingProduct development department

Company K wanted to conduct a test simulating battery characteristic efficiently without making external circuits.
Test environment capable of setting test conditions and monitor via LAN was realized.

Each year, vehicle electrification continues to increase, and cars today might have as many as 100 units of ECU on them. The ongoing trend of ever-increasing automotive electrical components creates much more extensive testing than in the past, as testing the performance of automotive components is key to safety and comfort. Therefore, behavior of automotive battery needs to be taken into consideration when performing inspection on the components.

The Problem

Configuring ECU test environment to simulate various characteristics of battery triggers new design and test challenges for developers...

Mr. Y in product development department had been troubled over configuring ECU test environment suitable to current situation.

Mr. Y said, “We used to introduce power supplies stabilizing the specified voltage accurately, but we currently need power supplies allowing simulating automotive battery behavior. We could not come up with a way to build the environment.”

Development site demanded inspection simulating characteristics of various batteries with different voltage, and Mr. Y was in urgent need to configure the test environment allowing engineers to conduct the effective test. What he could do was making an external circuit to be connected to a constant voltage power supply as an alternative solution. Mr. Y needed to make suitable jigs by himself and it was a time consuming process. The resistance value could not change externally, and it was very inconvenient to perform test on ECUs by simulating various characteristics of the battery. He often wished that his company had enough engineers to design the test circuits, but he felt there was no other option but to depend on a few capable engineers. Mr. Y faced mounds of problems, but he was at a loss without any ideas about how to solve these issues.

Key Aspects of the Problem

  • Company K wanted to conduct test on ECUs by simulating battery behavior effectively.

  • It is time consuming to make external circuits and jigs.

  • The company K has a few engineers capable of designing circuits.

How was this problem solved?