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How Kikusui helped speeding up 1-week task to duplicate captured waveform from a vehicle to 3 hours without an arbitrary waveform generator.

Company Y manufactures and sells automotive ECUs. Company Y enhances the products by solving market problems generated after a car mounting the company Y’s ECU was released to the market.

The Problem

Test on ECU needs to be accomplished quickly by duplicating waveform generated when a problem occurred in the vehicle.

There are always various minor issues that arise shortly after releasing a new car on the market, as well as shortcomings or bugs for remedy. An auto maker provided company Y with the captured waveform on the occurrence of the issues caused in the vehicle, and company Y needed to duplicate the waveform promptly to verify and upgrade the company Y’s ECU under all operating conditions.

Mr. W from the product development department said “It took us around 7 days to replicate a waveform. Load the captured waveform to a PC for the study and the adjustment, and download to an arbitrary waveform generator, reproduce the output waveform via the generator to the ECU through a power amplifier. It is time consuming for the setup and the program. Company Y received a request from its customer for the faster support. Having no other programming skilled engineers, company Y could not shorten the process, making it difficult to meet the request.”

Consequently, it required time for Mr. W to provide the waveform program to company Y’s factories. He often wished that his company had the capabilities to cut the time down. But he felt that there was no chance of company Y realizing it.

Key Aspects of the Problem

  • Company Y wanted to shorten test process by duplicating quickly captured waveform when a problem occurred in the vehicle.

  • It is requested to share the duplicated waveform program with each factory efficiently.

How was this problem solved?