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How Kikusui helped a small company gain big company testing capabilities to speed production...and save money, too.

As the use of electronic automotive components increases every year, a growing number of voltage variations must be tested using different voltage patterns.

The Problem

Smaller manufacturers without their own testing facilities have to use outside testing centers, which must be booked well in advance, slowing production and adding to costs.

Company L sometimes received instructions from its customer to perform voltage variation tests with particular waveforms.
Having no testing facility of their own, Company L had to book an outside test center, making it difficult to maintain production schedules.

At times, no test center was available for at least six months. And then, if any problems were found in the test, another reservation would have to be made for a retest-often with another long wait for an available time slot.

Mr. A, who is responsible for Company L’s research and development department, said, “Once a deficiency occurs, it affects future transactions. As a result, we are definitely unable to compromise in the tests.”

He often wished that his company had its own in-house testing capabilities. But due to cost and installation space constraints, he felt that there was no chance of Company L introducing a dedicated system.

Key Aspects of the Problem

  • Company L had no facility for carrying out power supply variation tests and had to book a test center in order to carry out the tests there.

  • The constraints of installation space and cost impede the introduction of a dedicated system.

How was this problem solved?