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How a Kikusui system supporting rapid voltage and current changes helped improve a company’s testing results.

As CPU performance has improved, requiring larger and more varied current flows, manufacturers of high-end equipment for servers have encountered a new problem during the design testing process.

The Problem

When Company Z submitted a newly created power device to a business partner for evaluation, it was returned with the comment that its performance was insufficient.

The problem was not with Company Z’s new device but with testing equipment that could not deliver conclusive results.

Failure of the existing electronic load to reproduce the immediate high current flow needed by the latest generation of CPUs made it impossible to accurately evaluate the new circuit.

Mr. C, who was the head of design and development on the project, knew that the testing method had to be changed, but said that he was “at a loss, without any ideas about specifically what to do.”

Company Z was in danger of losing the order if it failed to promptly prove that their product was capable of performing at a level that would satisfy their business partner’s needs.

Key Aspects of the Problem

  • CPU performance is now so high that a larger current than ever before flows immediately.

  • The existing electronic load fails to accurately reproduce the actual load and hampers the evaluation of the circuit.

How was this problem solved?