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How Kikusui provided one company with the power it needed improve the quality of their products while shortening their development time.

Company I lagged behind their competition in terms of product development and was also experiencing quality problems due to equipment and cost issues.

The Problem

At Company I, some processes often had to be redone after the detection of glitches attributed to voltage abnormalities and noise in the downstream development process.

The company was aware that this was due to poor simulation accuracy, but it was so busy with day-to-day operations that it made no moves to improve the evaluation system. And as CPUs incorporated into products became increasingly sophisticated, the company’s development process required an even higher level of accuracy than ever before.

Mr. J, from the design and development department said, “Development periods became significantly longer. This was reflected in the sales figures. The entire company was in crisis and the problems needed to be solved somehow.”

Competitors frequently released new products and they were all of very high quality. Company I was unable to compete with them.

Company I used an PWM type AC power source in their testing process. It had a slow response speed and failed to control broadband waveforms. Mr. J began collecting information to seek a method of redressing the situation.

Key Aspects of the Problem

  • Company I wanted to improve simulation accuracy and shorten the development period.

  • Inverter-type evaluation systems have a poor response speed and are unable to control broadband waveforms.

How was this problem solved?