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Resistance and voltage measurements Battery Impedance Meter

BIM Series

Product Overview

The BIM series of battery impedance meters is able to measure impedance using the AC method at voltage ranging from low voltage to 1,000V. The BIM series makes it more efficient to research, develop and test any manner of battery, including batteries for electric vehicles.

Product Features and Advantages

A single unit can test everything from individual cells to battery packs

The BIM series of impedance meters works at levels from a few volts to up to 1000V, which means that the testing of both the individual cells used in electric vehicle batteries and high-voltage EV battery packs can be performed by the same unit.

High-visibility color display for greater work efficiency

Meters in the BIM series come with a high-visibility LCD display which shows resistance, voltage, and upper and lower limits at a glance, making the measurement process more efficient.

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