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Charge/Discharge System Controller

PFX2500 Series

Product Overview

PFX2500 Series is a high performance Charge/Discharge system controller that measures battery voltage and the charge/discharge current in high accuracy. PFX2500 Series integrated complicated battery evaluation systems into one unit, which allows you to combine our conventional DC power supply and our electronic load. Application software gives you comprehensive management from test condition setting to execution and data analysis on test results. Introduction cost is able to be reduced by selecting equipment which meets charge/discharge test conditions required. This allows you to have a test system a low cost. Fully support Charge/Discharge measurement from basic test to simulation test.

Product Features and Advantages

Integrated complicated systems into one

PFX2500 Series integrated complicated battery evaluation system into one unit. It is possible to configure the system by yourself.

System Conceptual Diagram
Configuration (example)

Precise measurement

The high precision measurement circuit is equipped. It detects the battery voltage and the charge/discharge current in high accuracy. Measurement on actual power amount and accumulated capacity is also capable even for the pulse current difficult to be captured.

Seamless charge/discharge realizes accurate evaluation

Seamless charge/discharge transfer has been realized by the simultaneous control of power supply and electronic load. Correspondence to characteristic test of recapturing complex applications such as application where charge/discharge repeating without taking breath is performed for electric motorcycle and electric assisted bicycle as well as electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle, and application for UPS for peak shift and to specification test pattern where continuous charge/discharge is performed such as IEC62660 became possible.


PFX2500 Series Lineup




Charge/Discharge System Controller 60V/50A


Charge/Discharge System Controller 60V/50A Seamless charge/discharge


Charge/Discharge System Controller 60V/200A Seamless charge/discharge

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