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High Voltage Multi-functional Electronic Load

PLZ-5WH Series

Product Overview

The PLZ-5WH Series is a high voltage multi-functional DC electronic load supporting maximum operating voltage of 800V and maximum power up to 100kW (5 units in parallel). The PLZ-5WH Series can set various loading test conditions as well as the cut-off conditions to evaluate large capacity batteries.

Product Features and Advantages

PLZ-5WH Series allow you to set various loading test conditions

The PLZ-5WH Series is equipped with current limit circuit that allows fast response. It is no longer required to design new circuits whenever test condition is changed. The cut off condition can be set by Ampere Hour (Ah), Watt-Hours (Wh), Time and Voltage.

A compact size electronic load, which equips wheels to move

The PLZ-5WH Series is compact like never before and equips with wheels to relocate freely. This helps engineers to conduct tests in any place.

User-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The equipped GUI is easy to understand and operate, that allows users to interact with the PLZ-5WH Series to run various functions easily. It can help every engineers to start load simulation and enhances the efficiency.

Capacity measurement test
Test result
Voltage waveform at cut-off


PLZ-5WH Series Lineup




12000W, 10V to 800V, 240A


20000W, 10V to 800V, 400A

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