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Intelligent Bi-Polar Power Supplies (Regulated, CV/CC)

PBZ Series

Product Overview

The PBZ Series includes bipolar DC regulated power supplies with low ripple noise and rapid response and broadband at high voltage and high current.
With their superior performance, they automate power supply variation tests that are becoming increasingly complicated.

Product Features and Advantages

World-leading rapid response performance

The PBZ Series power supplies have the fastest response performance in the world. Their rapid response minimizes ripples (2 mVrms, 20 mVp-p) to pave the way for power supply variation tests in requested steps.
A high level of reproduction reliability helps in the development of even the most complex products.

Strict standard testing support

These products are compliant with a wide variety of standards stipulated by Japan’s leading car manufacturers, national governments, and organizations.
They automate rigid power supply variation tests required by manufacturers to speed the development process.

Complicated waveform generation

A built-in waveform generator for discretionary waveforms has 16 preset patterns, including the attenuation waveform requested by many manufacturers.
This eliminates the need to create complicated waveforms from scratch and accelerates the development of electronic components to keep pace with market demand.


PBZ Series Lineup




±0 to 20V / ±0 to 20A


±0 to 40V / ±0 to 10A


±0 to 60 / ±0 to 6.7A


±0 to 80 / ±0 to 5A

PBZ SR Series Lineup



PBZ20-60 SR

±0 to 20V / ±0 to 60A

PBZ20-80 SR

±0 to 20V / ±0 to 80A

PBZ20-100 SR

±0 to 20V / ±0 to 100A

PBZ40-30 SR

±0 to 40V / ±0 to 30A

PBZ40-40 SR

±0 to 40V / ±0 to 40A

PBZ40-50 SR

±0 to 40V / ±0 to 50A

PBZ60-20.1 SR

±0 to 60V / ±0 to 20.1A

PBZ60-26.8 SR

±0 to 60V / ±0 to 26.8A

PBZ60-33.5 SR

±0 to 60V / ±0 to 33.5A

PBZ80-15 SR

±0 to 80V / ±0 to 15A

PBZ80-20 SR

±0 to 80V / ±0 to 20A

PBZ80-25 SR

±0 to 80V / ±0 to 25A

PBZ BP Series Lineup



PBZ20-120 BP

±0 to 20V / ±0 to 120A

PBZ20-140 BP

±0 to 20V / ±0 to 140A

PBZ20-160 BP

±0 to 20V / ±0 to 160A

PBZ20-180 BP

±0 to 20V / ±0 to 180A

PBZ20-200 BP

±0 to 20V / ±0 to 200A

PBZ40-60 BP

±0 to 40V / ±0 to 60A

PBZ40-70 BP

±0 to 40V / ±0 to 70A

PBZ40-80 BP

±0 to 40V / ±0 to 80A

PBZ40-90 BP

±0 to 40V / ±0 to 90A

PBZ40-100 BP

±0 to 40V / ±0 to 100A

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