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Multifunctional DC Electronic Loads (CC/CV/CR/CP)

PLZ-5W Series

Product Overview

The PLZ-5W Series includes high performance DC electronic loads with a rapid response, high capacity, and compact features.
Equipped with highly visible color LCD displays, they enable users to constantly monitor the power consumption level.

Product Features and Advantages

Rapid response at a maximum slew rate of 60A/μs

PLZ-5W Series electronic loads respond flexibly to power supply tests and current sensor tests that require high-speed current variability.

High precision simulated load tests

These products accurately reproduce the desired discharge waveforms without using any real load.
Simulated load tests may be conducted with great precision, considerably increasing the efficiency of power supply circuit evaluation.

Reliability backed by a global track record

The entire PLZ Series is highly regarded by a wide range of users who deal with leading-edge technologies on a practical basis in many different disciplines.
These loads have also been adopted for inspection systems by global manufacturers and research institutions involved with space development and information technology.


PLZ-5W Series Lineup




200W, 1 to 150V, 40A


400W, 1 to 150V, 80A


1200W, 1 to 150V, 240A

PLZ2405W (Booster unit for PLZ1205W)

2400W, 1 to 150V, 480A

PLZ-5W SR Series Lineup




6kW, 1 to 150V, 1200A

PLZ10005W SR

10.8kW, 1 to 150V, 2160A

PLZ15005W SR

15.6kW, 1 to 150V, 2160A

PLZ20005W SR

20.4W, 1 to 150V, 2160A

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