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A pioneer in the field of power supply and measurement

History of Kikusui Electronics Corporation

Kikusui Electronics Corporation has a proud 65-year history of leadership in Japan’s precision equipment manufacturing industry.


Corporate History

539 oscilloscope

Kikusui Denpa, the predecessor of Kikusui Electronics Corporation, was established in 1951, primarily as a manufacturer of knobs for radios.
Shortly thereafter we began initial research and development of electronic measuring instruments, successfully developing our first measuring machine.

As the sales of measuring instruments continued to grow, Kikusui rapidly evolved from a knob producer to a full-fledged manufacturer of measuring instruments.

Product History

  • TP-110 withstand voltage tester
  • 711 DC constant voltage power supply
  • PV-107 vacuum tube voltage meter
  • 539 oscilloscope


Corporate History

73 Series DC stabilized power supplies

In 1966, the advent of Japan’s "three-C era" (cars, color television sets and coolers) led to dramatically increased demand for measuring instruments.
Kikusui invented the Japanese standard for general-use power supply systems-the 73 Series DC stabilized power supply-making a major contribution to the development of Japanese industry.

Our development from the dual perspective of power supply and measurement commenced.

Product History

  • 73 Series DC stabilized power supplies
  • 154 digital voltage meter
  • 555G oscilloscope
  • 191 electronic recorder
  • 677 wow flutter meter


Corporate History

COS6100 oscilloscope

While Japan was in a recession in 1975, Kikusui continued to introduce new products, including the commercially successful PAD-L Series DC stabilized power supply, which helped the company to outperform the generally poor economy.

In 1979, we established a U.S. subsidiary and signed a major contract with the U.S. Air Force, which was the first for a Japanese company.
It was a significant opportunity to make the name Kikusui known around the world as well as in Japan.

Product History

  • COS5520/6100 oscilloscope
  • PAD-L/PAB Series DC stabilized power supplies
  • PLZ50-15 electronic load
  • APC1000 automatic printed circuit board inspection system


Corporate History

COM3000 Series oscilloscopes

In 1983, Kikusui built a factory in Yamanashi Prefecture as a domestic production base for establishing a stable supply structure. In addition, we established a joint venture in Taiwan and Kikusui Europe in the Netherlands to strengthen our overseas sales.

In 1991, the industry’s first high-speed power supply with a built-in sequencer-which later became indispensable for the development of automotive equipment such as car navigation systems-was released under our PAX Series name.
This breakthrough product gained high marks for its performance and design, winning a grand design award in the industrial machinery category, the first such award won in the measuring instruments industry.
Following steady performance and rapid business growth, Kikusui also began over-the-counter trading of our stock in November 1991.

Product History

  • PAL/PAK-A Series DC stabilized power supplies
  • PCR Series AC stabilized power supplies
  • TOS8750/8850 withstand voltage tester
  • TOS9000 withstand voltage and insulation resistance tester
  • COM3000/5000/7000 Series oscilloscopes
  • COR5500 Series general-purpose oscilloscopes
  • PAX Series high-speed programmable power supplies
  • PLZ-3W Series electronic loads


Corporate History

PCR-L Series AC stabilized power supplies

In 1994, Kikusui completed our new headquarters and Engineering Center and entered the EMC test market. In 2004, we established Kikusui America, Inc., in the United States and Kikusui Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., in China to take our first steps toward becoming a truly global company.

Outside Japan, we formed a partnership with the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), a part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, for technical cooperation in the evaluation of fuel cells.
In Japan, we embarked on collaborative sales of measuring instruments for HD DVD, which was a next-generation standard at the time. The company continued to take additional actions in Japan and abroad with a view toward further technological enhancement.

Product History

  • PLZ-4W Series electronic loads
  • PMC/PMC-A Series compact power supplies
  • PCR-L Series AC stabilized power supplies
  • PCR-LA Series multifunction AC stabilized power supplies
  • TOS5000/5000A Series withstand voltage testers
  • PFX40W-08 battery tester
  • PCR-W Series high efficiency AC power supplies
  • KSG4310 standard signal generator
  • PAN Series DC stabilized power supplies
  • PVS Series low-profile DC power supplies
  • PAM Series high capacity variable switching power supplies
  • PAS Series compact variable switching power supplies
  • TOS6200 earthing conductivity tester
  • TOS9200 Series withstand voltage and insulation resistance testers
  • PFX2000 Series battery test systems
  • KJM6775 time interval jitter meter
  • KES7000 EMC test system for automotive electronics
  • PLZ-U Series unit-type multifunction electronic loads
  • KFM2030 FC impedance meter
  • KES4021 electrostatic discharge simulator
  • PWR Series wide range DC power supplies
  • PAT40-200T high power factor high capacity DC power supplies
  • PCR500M compact DC power supplies
  • TOS8830C withstand voltage and insulation resistance tester

2006 and Beyond

Corporate History

PBZ Series intelligent bipolar power supplies

Kikusui established Kikusui Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in 2006.
In the following year, the Tianjin Branch was launched to streamline activities in China. In 2009, we took over the dealership rights for Aeroflex Avionics products in Japan from the former Texio Technology Corporation to further widen our array of services.
In 2010, Kikusui established a new business organization called Next Energy Solution (NES) with a view toward evolving beyond being our expertise in power supply and measurement.

We are continuing to undertake new efforts, including the development of a rapid charger for electric vehicles (EVs), in a bid to support key technologies.

Product History

  • PBZ Series intelligent bipolar power supplies
  • PIA4850 USB-compatible power supply controller
  • KHA3000 high frequency / flicker analyzer
  • KFM2005 fuel cell impedance meter
  • PFX2511 charge/discharge system controller
  • Milla-E50 rapid charger
  • PAG Series low profile variable switching power supplies
  • TOS5300 Series withstand voltage and insulation resistance testers
  • PFX2411 capacitor tester
  • PLZ-4WL Series electronic loads
  • KES4021A/4022A electrostatic discharge simulator
  • TOS9213S withstand voltage and insulation resistance tester
  • TOS5300 Series withstand voltage and insulation resistance testers
  • PFX2421/2431/2441 capacitor tester
  • KPM1000 digital power meter
  • Milla-E Series EV rapid charger
  • PWX Series low-profile wide range variable switching power supplies
  • PCR-LE Series high performance AC stabilized power supplies
  • PFX2512 seamless charge/discharge controller
  • PLZ-4W(H) SR/LP Series high capacity electronic loads
  • PBZ SR Series high capacity bipolar power supplies
  • PCR-LE2 Series multi-output AC power supplies
  • PHP-T Series high capacity DC stabilized power supplies
  • PCR4000M compact AC power supply
  • PCZ-A SR Series high capacity AC electronic loads
  • TOS7210S PID insulation tester
  • TOS5200 5-kV AC withstand voltage tester
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